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Privacy policy

This Web site does not collect personally identifiable information from children under 13.

We at Moscow Interpreter realize that the global reach of the Internet is beneficial only so long as the information traveling through cyberspace remains private therefore on this site we do not practice personal data collection also known as Internet profiling. Internet profiling means joining a consumer's personal information with his or her Internet viewing habits.

We at Moscow Interpreter will not try to obtain your personal information using your IP address or your domain name logged by our Web site when you visit it.

An IP address is a number that is automatically assigned to your computer by the ISP computer through which you access the Web and a domain name is the name of the ISP computer itself through which you access the Web.

MoscowInterpreter.com logs these IP addresses and domain names to monitor the use of our site in order to improve the service we provide.

The information we collect on this site is strictly limited to that required to render a service to the customer visiting this site. The collected information will never be shared or transferred to an external company or third party.

No visitor to this site is required to register and disclose any personal information. Anybody is welcome to surf the site without any registration.

The customers or translators/interpreters willing to conduct a legitimate business activity related to the business of Moscow Interpreter are required to leave on Contact and Job Opportunities pages the basic info so Moscow Interpreter can contact the potential customer or translator/interpreter and discuss details of the service we provide.

Moscow Interpreter collects, uses, or disseminates such information only to the extent permitted by the law.

The above personal information is secured in the Moscow Interpreter database and never will be shared or transferred to an external company or third party. The only information about you we can share with another company is your email address and your full name when bringing you together for business within the framework of this operation.

You may be contacted by a Web site to which we have forwarded a request, complaint, or comment that you have sent to us.

We only will disclose information when we believe in good faith that the law requires it.

In case Moscow Interpreter decides to change the wording in this Privacy Policy a proper notice will be placed at the top of this page at least 7 days prior.

N.B.: Information on this web site is not a public offer as defined by Article 437 of The Russian Federation Civil Code.

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