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When invoiced on August 8th, 2003, for USD 3,750 for 15 work days in Moscow, Russia, at an agreed rate of USD250/day, Scan Trading stalled for 3 weeks, then promised to pay USD 1,000 but never paid, then refused to pay, then stalled again, and promised to pay.

In September 2003 Scan Trading disappeared and only contacted us on February 17th, 2004, after this page with the below information has been indexed with all international search engines. Then the first payment of USD1,000 arrived in Moscow on February 19th, 2004, seven months after the services were rendered. USD2,750 are still in promises.

Scan Trading keeps promising but doesn’t keep promises. This is the worst case of non payment we have encountered in many years. It’s especially disgusting as Scan Trading deals in securities and finances, and poses itself as the company which can freeze billions of dollars on its account in a prime US bank for its client, and bought a corporate Learjet last August. Some megabuck corporation which cannot pay USD3,750 to its service vendor. It seems that the plastic replica of Learjet is the company’s major asset.

Scan Trading is registered in Delaware, U.S., and uses the address of its registered agent Delaware Registry, Ltd. for the simple reason that in the State of Delaware there are no Personal Property Taxes, no Sales Taxes and no Intangible Property Taxes.
Delaware Registry, Ltd.
3511 Silverside Road, Suite 105
Wilmington, DE 19810 USA
+1 (800)-321-2677 - Toll-free US Only
+1 (302) 477-9800 - Phone
+1 (302) 477-9811 - Fax
http://delreg.com – URL

For those who may encounter this ‘corporation’ in business environment and receive offers from its ‘officers’ and associates it may be interesting to know that you only can reach the ‘officers’ on cell telephones. You’ll never reach them on the office phone as there is no office at all. The above address in Wilmington, DE, USA, is only for registration purposes. If Scan Trading pays some yearly fee, its registered agent may collect company mail for Scan. The mega buck financial operator Scan Trading has no telephone number, no fax number, no Web address and no corporate email. And it has no honor.

  Scan Trading Officers and Associates
  • President Mr Daniel Kralj, about 33 y.o., probably US and Croatian passports, Croatian and American-Jewish parents, unknown residence, may say that he’s a Harvard graduate but Harvard website search reveals no such name. Says he cannot travel to Eastern Europe as he’s afraid of Russian Mafia. This is his pretext to be on the cell phone.
  • Financial Advisor Mrs M.Silvia Knappl, about 53 y.o., Austrian passport, Austrian parents, latest residence address: Residence Mameli, App.110. Via mameli 103, 30017 Jesolo Lido, Venezia, Italia.
  • Mrs Slava Crnicki, tel 00386 31 812 857, Slovenia
Scan Trading Modus Operandi
We never disclose information about our clients but Scan Trading has tried to dissociate from business with Moscow Interpreter by its reluctance to pay therefore we feel free to upload the information we gathered about the non-payer company and its officers on the net and in our encounters and telephone conversations. The description of Scan Trading modus operandi may help other people to avoid a non-payer when they see one.

In the last decade of June 2003 Moscow Interpreter was contacted by telephone and email and asked to provide services to a Silvia Knappl who would arrive in Moscow on a business trip. The dates of arrival and hotels changed several times, the positions of the people in Scan Trading, who contacted Moscow Interpreter, changed all the time, so it seemed that  these people didn’t know who they were in the company.

Then on June 26th, 2003, Silvia Knappl arrived in Moscow and on behalf of Scan Trading, Inc. employed the interpretation services of Moscow Interpreter in Moscow, Russia. Daniel Kralj was directing her efforts in Moscow by telephone.

During her 2 day visit to Moscow in the end of June 2003 Silvia Knappl tried to find a way to approach one of the major Russian companies to negotiate a purchase of its securities to the tune of several billion dollars for its client. For this purpose Silvia Knappl carried fax copies of the papers including one from a prime US bank.

The papers, signed by Daniel Kralj as company president, said Scan Trading was a bridge buyer for its client. We wonder what serious corporation would hire a non-existent entity to negotiate a multi-billion dollar deal on its behalf. The papers were not originals, had no tel and fax numbers but were signed and sealed by Daniel Kralj. Whether the bank paper was real or not we cannot say as it was a fax copy. You can print any paper today in your PC and run it through a fax to look authentic. In Moscow Silvia Knappl paid every penny it promised for the 2 days. Those were the last pennies Scan Trading paid to Moscow Interpreter.

Her 2 day stay in Moscow brought no results for Scan Trading and on leaving Moscow she asked Moscow Interpreter to liaise with Russian partners in Moscow for Scan Trading until she comes back and clinches the deal with the Russian major. The rate of USD250/day for liaison services was accepted by Scan Trading on the telephone. No agreement was signed. As Western Union transfer costs money it was agreed that Silvia Knappl would bring cash when she comes to Moscow soon. After 3 weeks of intensive exchange of papers and telephone calls and meetings with Scan Trading’s Russian partners the trace in Moscow went cold and Scan Trading officers went on leave.

The invoice for the 15 work days was sent by Moscow Interpreter to Daniel Kralj, copy to Silvia Knappl, on August 8th, 2003. No reply was given and in 2 weeks a telephone call was made to Silvia Knappl who said she’s ill and apologized for the delay. Later she changed her mind and said that as no result was achieved in Moscow by Scan Trading, the sum was to be cut to USD1,000.

Then Silvia Knappl used every excuse to avoid telephone conversations with Moscow. When Scan was notified that Moscow Interpreter would blacklist the company on its website and the info about Scan Trading would become available on the net, its officers showed frantic activity and Daniel Kralj, who was absolutely un-contactable before, called Moscow in 40 minutes after the warning. It was agreed that Silvia Knappl would transfer the money to Moscow by mid-afternoon, Friday, September 5th, 2003.

Silvia Knappl called on Friday, September 5th, 2003, at 1pm Moscow Time and said that the computer in the local office of Western Union is out of operation. She asked for and was given more time to organize the payment  but every time some force-majeure interfered and blocked her good intention. On 27 Sep 03 this info was uploaded on this website.  Next day, on 28 Sep 03, the following entities were notified of non-payment and insolvency of Scan Trading, Inc.:   The Scan’s bank and the Russian major have received the same notification.

We hope this info will prevent others from falling into the trap of non-payers.

To make this info available to as many potential clients of Scan Trading, Inc. as possible, this page will be indexed with all international search engines and the link to this page will be placed on thousands of pages of our friendly websites.

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